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New York City

     Debt Tear Sheet    

   Diamond  Capital provides loans ranging from $1                             million to $20 million


Property Types                 Condo, Multifamily, Mixed Use, Commercial and Industrial

Loan Type                         Bridge, Construction, Acquisition, Condo Inventory, Value-Add

Lien Position                     First Lien

Loan Amount                   $1M-$20M

Loan Term                         Up to 24 Months

Interest Rate                       Starting at SOFR + 6.00%, with an option for Fixed Rate

Origination Fee                 1%-3%

Exit Fee                               0%-1%

Amortization                       Interest Only

Loan-To-Cost                      Up to 80%

Loan-To-Value                    Up to 75%

Repayment                         No Prepayment Penalty

Term Sheet                         Within 3 Business Days of Application


Closing Time Frame         1 to 3 Weeks

Location                             East Coast 

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